Pip Culbert

Born 1938 – 2016, England

Pip Culbert’s artwork deconstructs every day fabric objects and pares them down to their essential seams. In this process of reduction, She re-contextualized the object, be it a button-down shirt or a quilt, into a weightless line drawing, still familiar but now freed of their ephemeral limitations. She liberates the confinement prescribed by function and transports the textile into a lyrical, poetic dimension. Her work embraces the minimalist ideal of less is more, reminding us that there are infinite possibilities in the space between the lines.

Green Shirt, cotton, hanger

White Shirt, cotton, hanger

Striped Pocket, pins

Handbag, cotton, pins

Quilt Pink and Beige, cotton, pins

Quilt, Gold, cotton, pins

Quilt 1, cotton, pins

Green Pinny, cotton, pins

Pip Culbert, Swag Bags and Palliasses   October 24 – December 6, 2014