Fine and Function

A Fall/Winter Store

We are thrilled to be collaborating with a special group of talented artists and makers to create a fabulous holiday pop up store. The selection of items on view are inspired by natural materials and are complimented with bursts of festive color in celebration of the holiday season. Featuring luxury and sustainable cable knit sweaters by San Francisco’s own Tempest + Bentley, gorgeous scarves by textile artist Stevie Howell, leather handbags by Pennyroyal Design, hand painted clutches by Kindah Khalidy, wood turned bowls and by master craftsman Leon Paulos, wood utensils by Hannah Quinn, charming ceramic work by local potters Christen Friedman and Amanda Kanter, stained glass art and jewelry by Debbie Bean, crystal and leather jewelry by Phoenix Two Moons and fine artwork by Franco de Francesca, Penelope Krebs, Danielle Mourning and Leah Rosenberg.
November 11, 2015 - January 2, 2016
Franco de Francesca, Penelope Krebs, Danielle Mourning, Leah Rosenberg, Tempest + Bentley, Stevie Howell, Pennyroyal Design, Kindah Khalidy, Leon Paulos, Hannah Quinn, Christen Friedman, Amanda Kanter, Debbie Bean, Phoenix Two Moon.
Fouladi Projects